Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Torn Tendons //Broken Bones??

Omg! What can I say but disaster. We have just started our end of Term 2 school holidays and 1 day hadn't elapsed and my darling 16yo DS has damaged himself. He was out skateboarding with his mates on Saturday evening and fell heavily on his left foot causing torn tendons and possible breaks to top of his foot. (the complete outcome will be known next week when I take him for a CT scan). So today after having his foot partially plastered, poor love is devastated, feeling very sad and sorry for himself and of course he is sooo bored (lol). He will be in plaster for 2 weeks to start with and if it is broken it will be another 4 weeks in full plaster.
Consequently I haven't had time to do creative stuff, so hopefully tomorrow I will be able to complete my ATC with a red and black theme for this weeks Theme Thursday challenge and complete layouts for my LSS.
So where ever you may be keep safe and thanks for dropping by.

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