Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Margaret River Cow Parade!!

In May for the Mother's Day weekend I went down south to Margaret River to see Mum.  Unbeknown to me Margaret River and surrounding towns had been invaded by Cows of the fibeglass kind.

The cows have been created by various artists and went on display back in March/April of this year and in July they will be auctioned off and the proceeds will be donated to charity.  Here is a link to the Margaret River Cow Parade.  On the welcome page there is a link to all of the cows that have been created.  I was only able to photograph a few of them.  There has been an  absolutely amazing the amount of thought, preparation and work that has gone into these beauties.  They are all  incredible.  Anyhow here is a photo of the ones that I actually saw.

Going left to right from top I will give you their names:
I've been everywhere cow                                         Margaret River Visitors Centre
Mooses (Rescue Cow)                                              Last seen at Visitors Centre but moves around
Moothane Factory                                                     Margaret River Timber and Hardware
Vineyard Cow                                                            Quest
Something to Crow About                                         Margarets Forest
Brahman the Barman                                                 Margaret River Hotel
The Winemaker (Half Full Cow)                                Watershed
Dame Edna Tea Patty                                                IGA
Pharmooist                                                                Chemmart

The work in these alone was fabulous.  The Pharmooist Cow was covered in hundreds and thousands of different coloured plastic juice type bottle tops, huge amount of work.  I took the photo from the street side as unfortunately some lovely person/s had picked off some of the lids from the otherside. 

My most favourite cow was the Moothane Factory.  All the parts moved and somehow they had connected it up so that everynow and then it spewed out methane gas, very clever. 

 I spent a lovely morning strolling up the main street looking at these creations and then in the afternoon my sister and I took Mum and Dad and my sister's Mother In Law  to the Watershed Vineyard for a most delightful afternoon tea.  It was a little chilly so it was very nice to sit behind glass walls with the warmth of the afternoon sun behind us. 

Thanks for dropping by, hope that you have had a wonderful day.

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